Luciiann is a Manchester-based, professional artist who specialises in creating bespoke artwork for residential and commercial interior design projects.

FEATURING: Luciiann with 'Peony Everlasting'. PHOTOGRAPH: Rebecca Lupton

FEATURING: Luciiann with 'Peony Everlasting'. PHOTOGRAPH: Rebecca Lupton


Born Lucie Ann Trickett and raised in Lincolnshire with her sister, Katie, and mother, Ann, creativity was always an important part of Lucie's childhood.

Indeed, Lucie's father, John Trickett, is a world-reknowned artist; yet it was her mother who nurtured and encouraged her gifts growing up.

'My father is a hugely successful artist and this is mainly due to the support and encouragement of my mother throughout their marriage. Noticing his talent, she worked full-time to enable him to quit his job as a fork lift truck driver and stay at home to practice his painting - a luxury not many artists (including myself) are privildeged to have.'

'She bought him his first set of oil paints and arranged his first local exhibition. It all began with her belief in him'.

Despite this, the artist's father cut an absent figure growing up and, following her parents divorce, it was her mother who was her constant advocate and inspiration.

'I think that's why I resisted painting for a long time. It reminded me of my father. However, I now come to realise that a great deal of my creativity comes from my mother, and looking at it through this lens has enabled me to throw myself into my work whole-heartedly. I'm actually very proud that I have achieved what I have without my fathers help!'


Watching her mother style their family home with creativity and flair was a significant source of inspiration for the artist.

'Her home was beautiful - stylish, unique and vibrant, just like her. She was fascinated with colour, patterns and design, whether that was in the home, in the fashion world or in nature. She even owned her own little business at one time making crafts and models out of clay'.

Lucie would often paint pictures for their home; each piece designed to complement the room it was made for.

Tragically, the artists mother passed away suddenly in 2016, leading her to make the leap and follow her passion for painting. She is now known in the art world simply as Luciiann; a conscious merging of her own name with her mothers.


This combined passion for interior design and painting has resulted in a unique fusion of skills, enabling Luciiann to work collaboratively to create beautiful art that perfectly fits with the design specification.

Luciiann's work is instantly recognisable. Bold, striking, acrylic canvases, heavy in texture, with a unique flair for layering and contrasting colours and tones. Influenced by both the abstract art movement and the great impressionists and neo-impressionists such as Monet and Van Gogh, Luciiann's work skillfully merges classic with contemporary.

The artist works alongside many UK based Interior Designers & Architects to produce bespoke art that can tie together colour themes, add finishing touches to design concepts or enhance company ethos & branding all whilst working in complete harmony with the space.

Luciiann also takes private commissions and has recently launched a collection of Limited Edition prints and miniature originals to enable more people to enjoy her work.


Luciiann has recently completed a huge art installation for the reception area of Liverpool FC Headquarters, aptly named 'Liverpool Glow'.

The Original 'Liverpool Glow' is a 3-piece art installation which currently resides at 20 Chapel Street; a 155,000 sq ft, Grade A Office Listed building next to the River Mersey and home to Liverpool Football Club, Fujitsu, Barclays and Ernst & Young to name a few.

'Liverpool Glow' is a stunning example of how the artists work can complement both commercial & residential spaces.


In 2017, Luciiann's work caught the attention of Suzy Greaves, editor of International publication 'Psychologies Magazine'.

Suzy later commissioned 'Spring Cascade' which subsequently led to the artist being featured in the January 2018 issue of Psychologies Magazine.


If you are interested in commissioning some art work or would like to discuss working collaboratively, please send all enquiries to luciiann@luciianngiftedart.com.

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A few words from the artist...

Thank you so much for visiting Luciiann Gifted Art. I hope you have enjoyed reading a little bit about my artistic journey!

Please do have a look at my blog where you can find more information about what I'm up to at the moment, projects I'm working on and new additions to my collection.

My true passion is to create original, bespoke art that can fit into any space. Art that combines style, flair and passion for interior design with the needs and desires of the customer.

Interior design is, after all, art. My job is to create art that compliments art!

I warmly welcome all enquiries and look forward to hearing from you soon!