Photoshoot at 20 Chapel Street

This weekend was a really exciting time! 

My 3-piece Triptych installation for the magnificent 20 Chapel Street in Liverpool had it's very own photo shoot!

This project has been one of my favourites. Creating such large pieces of artwork for an amazing space which over 1000 (yes 1000!!) people pass through every day was pretty incredible.

Commissioned by Canmoor through the wonderful Hale Architects, the design specification was extremely exciting! As the HQ of Liverpool FC and many other high profile companies, the pressure was on to create something striking, confident and glamorous. Hale were keen to focus on Yellow and Gold to complement the newly designed upholstery and accessories (and of course, it's Liverpool, it has to be yellow!!!)

I started the artwork in October 2017 and it took months to complete. The canvases measure 150cm x 120cm each and as many of you know I am only 5ft 3" inches so reaching the top of the canvas took a lot of stretching and a sturdy foot stool!

These pieces were all about building up the layers and creating this gorgeous 'glowing' effect with a myriad of different yellow hues and texturing.

I worked mainly with brushes, natural sponge and palette knife application, using a whole host of techniques such as blending, scraping, stippling, splattering and sponging!! Final some sparkling layers of gold leaf and gloss varnish finished off the look.

Luciiann x